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Very nice cornbread. So easy to make too. Made it to accompany "Emeril's South of the Border Veggie Chili With Fixins" and it was just wonderful. This bread is good too toasted in the morning with a slather of butter over the top. Found that the white cornflour made it light and airy. I grew up on Portuguese cornbread which is normally made with white cornflour. Though it is quite different from what I grew up on, I found this recipe to be airier and delightful. Thank you breezermom for sharing.

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ForeverMama May 16, 2014

I had white cornmeal on hand so was glad to find this recipe. I used a 10" case iron skillet (1 3/4" deep) to pour the batter in. The pan was to small for all the batter, so I had a bit of a mess to clean up off the table, mostly the oil. I could have used a cake pan but wanted to stick with the directions. There was very little batter that baked over the pan in the oven. It was crisp on the outside with a slightly sweet flavor. I'll be making this again. Made for *1 2 3 Hits Its Not Easy Being Green March 2010* (in May, as I was late)

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Charlotte J May 10, 2010

This is a dense and filling cornbread with a great crust and yummy sweetish taste! It was very easy to put together, but in the end needed way longer to cook through for me (about 65 minutes). That might have been due to me using a bundt cake pan instead of a skillet, though. I luved the addition of corn in this and found the white cornmeal to be an interesting change. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this lovely recipe with us, Breezer!

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Lalaloula December 19, 2009

An essential Thanksgiving ingredient for us. We always make my mother's recipe for cornbread dressing. This was a very fun and different type of cornbread.I had never used white corn, buttermilk, and actual corn in my cornbread. Also I loved making it in my cast iron skillet. It did not disappoint. This is a much more dense and heavy cornbread than we are used to. Ours was a little underdone in the center so others should check carefully to make sure it is done. Thank you for a fun experience, breezermom. Made for Holiday PRMR.

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Lavender Lynn November 26, 2009

Don't know if I changed the taste or texture of this cornbread, but I used a reduced-fat buttermilk as well as a no-sodium salt, but other than that the recipe was followed (well, I was generous with the half cup of corn!) & we had A GREAT TASTING CORNBREAD! Certainly a recipe I want to keep around ~ Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Newest Zaar recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike August 31, 2009
Heavenly Cornbread