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As only an occasional dabbler in the kitchen I did find this more of a fiddle than expected. I've never made a ruban or whisked egg whites before and did have to phone my mum to avoid total disaster. But now I've made it once the second attempt will be a much smoother, quicker operation and I can appreciate the simplicity of the recipe. It did involved all the bowls my house contained. i don't think that will change thought. I too used the best dark chocolate I could find and the result was really really rich and delicilous. The quantities stated made a much bigger vat than expected. I managed to feed 12 people easily - because it's so rich you don't really want a big helping. It would probably work very well with a shot of booze mixed in.

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cat November 25, 2005

What an awesome, rich dessert! It is so much easier to make than I initially thought, and so worth it! Thanks for posting!

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~Leslie~ October 24, 2005

Heavenly indeed! Also very rich and fattening.

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Chef Patience October 23, 2005

I’m not a chocolaholic, but I do love chocolate mousse, and when eating out happily opt for chocolate mousse when it’s on the menu. I’ve certainly eaten more mousses than I’ve ever made, so I was something of a novice in approaching this recipe! I found that the recipe involved so many separate beatings in separate bowls that in making this for the first time, and anxious to get it right(!), for me the preparation time was more like 30 minutes: it would have been helpful if the recipe had specified something like “In a separate mixing bowl….” But I’ll certainly be faster – and more confident about what I’m doing – a second time, and thereafter! When I indulge myself with mousse, I like it to be totally decadent and as rich as possible, so I went with the dark chocolate (top quality, of course) option, and was absolutely delighted with these mousses, which were every bit as heavenly as Maïté had promised! Thank you, Maïté, for a great recipe!

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bluemoon downunder October 13, 2005
Heavenly Chocolate Mousse