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This is the best banana bread I have ever made. It is so moist that is really needs to stand a while before you cut into it, if you can wait that long! It was a contribution to my DH 'Goody Day" at work and disappeared in minutes. Needless to say, it was a success. Thanks!

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Normaone April 18, 2003

Yummy Yummy Yummy. Followed the recipe to the T except, I added not only one teaspoon of vanilla, I also added a teaspoon of Rum.. it was wonderful. Thank you!

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KitchenManiac April 27, 2003

This banana bread really stands out from all i have ever tried, the flavours are truly heavenly. I added 1/2 cup pecans for fun 2nd try, first time made added 1 1/4 cup, way to many ! I have no loaf pans so i subbed a Bundt cake pan, it was ready in 25 mins, kinda turned into a banana cake, it worked fine !!! I only waited 15 mins before i had to sneak a piece, wow, wow, wow !!! Cannot wait for tom morning, it will have time to settle and flavours will meld... The instructions including the appearance possibly curdling helped me not to wonder what happened to the darn thing, thanx for noting detail. This recipe created a great balance of all flavours, not to sweet, just a perfect balance of everything, perfectly moist. I will be sharing this great banana bread tom, certain the crowd will love it as much as i did !!!!!!!!!

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Luvfood July 29, 2003

Wonderful recipe!! I've tried adding a little orange zest too and it turned out nice. Really needs to rest before cutting, it's sooo tender and moist! Yum!

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Tnishtar July 21, 2003

Something needed to happen with the three large bananas rapidly turning black on my counter, so I yanked this recipe from my files, and went to town. Cinnamon was added with flour/bp; at 1/2 cup, I realised that I was out of AP flour, and used southern flour for the remainder. Went with the rum option (captn morgan's spiced), a bit heavy-handed. I baked these in three mini-loaf pans, at about 35-40 minutes. I know that these won't hit perfection until tomorrow, but the bite- okay, bites, that I have taken of the little loaf are just scrumptious. Incredibly moist, with a nice wave of banana and spice rolling into it your mouth. I thought I had a great banana bread recipe, but it may just have to step aside. Thanks.

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s'kat June 23, 2003

Yes! This delivered as promised a spongy, moist loaf that was fun to make! For extra decadence, I added a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. It was a big hit with the whole family. The recipe did not specify when to add the cinnamon, so I guessed and mixed it in with the dry ingredients.

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xxoo May 14, 2003

This is absolutely delicious. Very moist, very dense, flavorful bread. After I put the batter in my loaf pan I realized that I had forgotten the vanilla and cinnamon and had to dump the batter back into the bowl and add them. Duh. I also added about 1/2-3/4 cup pecans because I am partial to banana nut bread. Really terrific bread, even better the next day refrigerated. (I have been munching on pieces all morning). My only qualm: I had the same problem that Laurel had with the outside of the loaf being done before the center was anywhere near done. I tented it with foil after about 25 minutes and baked it for about 20 minutes longer without reducing temperature. Perhaps a lower cooking temperature would be better suited for the longer loaf? I would definitely make this again- its absolutely scrumptious, but maybe next time at 350 instead.

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Roosie April 13, 2004

Great taste! Very moist!!! I started baking it at 375 degrees as stated in the recipe. It seemed to be browning too quickly on top so I tented it with aluminum foil and turned the temp down to 350 degrees. Maybe my oven was baking hot. It seemed done after 65 minutes, but after I cut into it, I still found some gooey spots. I will certainly give this another try, as it had great flavor!!!

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Laurel September 23, 2003

Made this recipe last night, and it worked out great! I used a muffin tin (baked for 15-20 min) and added about 1/2 cup blueberries. My husband couldn't stop eating them! Yum!!

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cheeki_miss September 09, 2003
Heavenly Banana Bread