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Good God...what a glorious ending to last night's Sunday dinner! I think my guests and I truly died and gone to heaven (and hell and back!) after one bite of this decadent concoction! Mirjam, if you haven't made this yet, please do so immediately! It's fantastic!

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yooper April 22, 2002

Fabulous! A lot of work, but so worth it. It was EVER so good! ~*~ I got the layers backwards - starting with Angel Food on the bottom - and it kind of squashed that bottom layer, but not too badly. I did cover it with a thin layer of marshmallow fondant and it held up well considering. I think if I'd have put the Devil's Food on the bottom as the recipe calls for, it wouldn't have squashed so much. (See pictures - mine's the one with the cocoa brown fondant draped on it with white lettering.)

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TheRedneckHippie July 02, 2014

Ooh lala! This is so very good. I made it today for Valentine's, baked in little heart-shaped pans. Then while the ganache was still wet, I sprinkled on little red and pink non pariels. TO DIE FOR!! I used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for the ganache and it was sublime. Everything worked wonderful with this recipe. Thanks Mirj!

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Snicklefritzie February 14, 2008

Very good and rich. And heavy. This is NOT a photo of my cake.The angel food cake turned out to be smaller width than the devil's food cake though baked in same pan. The devil's food cake took 40 minutes to bake. Be sure to chop your chocolate very small or it won't completely melt. My Artisan Kitchen Aid mixer couldn't handle the volume of mousse. Had to transfer to a larger bowl and use the electric hand mixer. We sliced narrow pieces but it still turned out to be a lot of cake per person. +1000 calories. Wow! Next time I wil make 2 cakes of 4 layers instead of 1 8 layer cake. The cake certainly impressed!

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svv17 January 03, 2014

"Heaven and Hell Cake� was created by Stephan Pyles at the Star Canyon restaurant in Dallas, in 1994. It’s now served at at his own Stephan Pyles restaurant in Dallas, and the dessert carries a trademark. Had it this past weekend at his restaurant, and it is fabulous. I have followed Stephan Pyles for a number of years now, and have all of his cookbooks. The man is a phenomenon.

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Feisty January 30, 2009

This cake is out of this world! I had some trouble with asembly, the top layer slid off. But that was a result of human error rather than the recipe. (I was in a huury and did not wait for the devils food cake to completly cool. As a result it cracked.) So I had three layers. It didn't matter though everyone loved it and it tasted like heaven. Plus I received several requests for the recipe. This recipe may take some extra preperation but I think the result is worth the extra effort. This cake is truly unique and special. Thank you Mirj for this fantastic recipe!

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Julie Theresa May 03, 2007

WOW! This has got to be one of the best cakes I have EVER made. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. This cake was beautiful and delicious and impressed everyone! Thank you so much for the recipe....a real keeper!!!

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4TheLuvofWine November 20, 2005
Heaven and Hell Cake With Peanut Butter Ganache