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This recipe is awesome! I made a few changes... found out my milk was bad so I used half-n-half instead. I also used all white flour and cook-and-serve pudding because that's all I had on hand. I used mini chocolate chips so only needed 1 cup. I used it to make chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for my hubby for his Valentine's Day present. It's yummy!!
UPDATE - made this again for Hubby for Valentine's Day this year, only this time I used a cookie cutter to cut it into heart shapes and rolled the rest in balls and flash froze them. Then I put them in a cute Valentine's box and kept it in the freezer until I gave it to him. Now he can take out bites at a time as he wants them.

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SashasMommy February 13, 2011

We have a definite winner here! I took the advice of some of the other reviews and made cookie dough truffles. I used less chocolate chips than called for since I was dipping them in chocolate almond bark. The truffles would be great at a bridal/baby shower!

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DallasAggieGal May 03, 2010

This stuff was a money maker! Took this to a dessert auction to raise money for girls camp. Each 10 ounce container auctioned off for $3 a piece! The girls ended up with over $700 that night! Everyone was so excited to have something different to bid on besides chocolate cake, which seemed to be the theme that night. I didn't use chocolate chips in this, instead I used mini M&M's. They give a really fun crunch to the dough. It stays soft and tastes great! I did use the soda too. You were right, it makes it taste perfect. Thanks for the delicious and safe recipe. We have always eaten the "unsafe" kind, playing Russian Roulette with each bite I guess, but this is the answer to our cookie dough eating prayers and we won't end up in the hospital from our bad habit! Thanks again!

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Piper Lee June 16, 2006

Last Christmas I made Cookie Dough Truffles using a different recipe for the safe cookie dough. They were good, but the consistency of the dough wasn't quite right. This year I was in search of a new dough recipe. This is awesome!! It tastes just like the real thing. To turn them into Cookie Dough Truffles, chill the dough. Then roll into 1 inch balls and chill them for a couple hours. Then dip them in melted semi-sweet chocolate and chill again. Store in the refrigerator. They are heavenly. Thanks for the great safe dough recipe!

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Bunnymn December 20, 2005

What an excellent idea! And very tastey! If you take the chips down to 1 cup and use mini morsels there is still plenty of chocolate and this becomes low fat! takes out almost 25% of the calories and 1/2 the fat!

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Pabbit January 22, 2005

Yummy! I did a little swapping to reduce calories and fat (used light marg, sugar free vanilla pudding mix and only 1 cup of mini morsels). The creaming of the light marg and sugar doesn't actually happen and looks a bit icky but once you mix the other ingredients in all is well. Fantastic treat.

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thebeldens September 03, 2012

My son and I have tried several different recipes trying to find a raw cookie dough that actually tastes like the real stuff (but without the eggs). I have to say, this is even better than real cookie dough. We made a few changes based on what we had in the house. Here's what we added:
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 less chocolate chips (we used the mini chips)
2 vanilla jello pudding cups (we didnt have any dry pudding mix so we used the pre-made pudding that comes in cups. we also eliminated the milk.
We formed them into balls, put them on wax paper and then refrigerated the balls on the paper in tupperware. They are so good fresh and even better refrigerated. We will definitely make these again.

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ultramommy July 16, 2011

We love to eat cookie dough so I made this recipe last time. WE LOVE this recipe. It's really good!! I'll make it again.

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624412 December 16, 2010

We LOVE it!! I was always swatting away my kids (and hubby) from eating the cookie dough, but now we just make this instead. It is perfect. Thank you!

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Happy Girl June 05, 2010

I mixed the ingredients up through the vanilla with the kitchen aid mixer wisk, then converted over to the dough hook for the remainder of the components... turned out awesomely! I may add a bit more brown sugar next time.

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thatchman1 August 22, 2009
Heather's Safe to Eat Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough