Recipe by halfrican808

I tasted this at a party and replicated it successfully. So simple and quick to make!

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  1. whisk french vanilla with two cups of milk for two minutes in a medium bowl.
  2. whisk chocolate pudding in a seperate medium bowl with remaining two cups of milk for two minutes.
  3. store pudding in fridge and let set.
  4. while its setting spread an even layer of graham cracker crumbs in a 13x9 in pan (about 1/4 in thick).
  5. pour first layer of pudding (which ever flavor) over crust.
  6. then layer with half of whip cream, spreading it over evenly.
  7. add another layer of graham cracker cumbs as thick as the first.
  8. crush up 2 heath bars and sprinkile over crumbs.
  9. repeat with remaing pudding flavor and remaining whip cream.
  10. sprinkle top lightly with curmbs and crush up last two heath bars and sprinkle on top.
  11. fridgerate until served.

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