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Thanks for sharing this delicious soup. Felt full n healthy after eating it. Only change was to omit parsnip as we didn't have it, am sure it would've been a lovely addition :-) Also skipped the coriander as I don't enjoy it, but will definitely make this again.

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MrsSPheonix October 31, 2007

I made this soup for mom when she came in to town. I love red lentils as they give a softer flavor than the brown. Although Love the brown as well. I used potatoes as opposed to parsnips ( they did not lot good at the store), sweet potatoe (kumaro), chicken stock from freezer, and curry powder. I loved the flavors and the taste of the soup. Well defined. I think it is the pureed soup part that I may be off with. I love textures in my soups being a country gal. I will make this again as it just tastes so good and get used to the pureed feeling. Mom and DH did like it. DH is also a chunky soup lover but said this is good. I think next time I will leave full bodied and try that way. My favorite part was the yogurt topping. WOW what a game changer. I will use this again on regular lentil soup and maybe a few others. It gives a tangy taste just sets your mouth to smiling when mixed with the softness of the soup. mmm mmm Made for Aus/NZ April 2013

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Chef1MOM-Connie April 19, 2013

I made this using what I had subbing curry powder for curry paste and rice for the lentils. I had no idea until it was time to add the lentils that I didn't have any. I really liked it and realized that I love pureed soups. I have looked eveywhere for curry paste and brown lentils but can't find them at any of the local grocery stores. Made for I Went to the Market Tag 2010.

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Margie99 December 14, 2010

Great mid week dinner - I left out the yoghurt but loved just the coriander, fresh from the garden, on top so thanks Pat.

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katew September 21, 2010

I enjoyed this soup alot! The flavors were so good and the yogurt and cilantro mixed in made it even better! I used homemade vegetable stock and couldn't find curry paste so used some homemade Cape Malay curry powder. So glad I tried this! Made for Diabetic forum-Soups On event!

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Sharon123 January 08, 2010

Another rocket blasting recipe submitted by Pat! We devoured this, and simply adored it. I used all ingredients, (sweet potato=kumara) and a beef broth in place of vegetable broth. I love red lentils, as they really can turn into such fine tasting lentils, with a mild flavor.I wouldn't change one thing about this recipe, as it is a supreme recipe! Both in taste, quantity, and quality!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm January 07, 2010

This soup maker loves well seasoned Lentil soups - Hearty Vegetable and Lentil Soup is one that comes to the table looking great and tasting as good as it looks - a combination that makes for a wonderful lunch or supper soup. I didn't have a sweet potato which I will use next time - used snipped fresh parsley instead of the coriander for the same reason. Served with Russian Rye Bread for the Bread Machine this made for a wonderful meal. We both thank you for a great Lentil soup.

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Gerry December 12, 2009

The flavours were lovely, great for a mid week winters dinner. Although I used all ingredients listed I changed the method somewhat. Instead of chopping the kumera and parsnips (only used 250gm) I grated them and added along with the stock etc. at step 2. Cooked until lentils were very mushy and did not puree as DH prefers a soup with texture. I used a korma curry paste which gave a nice subtle curry taste. I had the leftovers the following day...even more flavoursome (Pureeing them this time as shown in the photo)

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Stardustannie July 22, 2009

Absolutely delicious soup. The only change I made was to use chicken stock in place of the vegetable stock. My non eating vegetable son (I mean this literally!) ate 2 bowls and was licking his lips. So in saying that we will have this soup on a regular basis. he he he The curry paste is a nice flavour addition. Great recipe thanks for sharing.

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Evie* May 29, 2008
Hearty Vegetable and Lentil Soup