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This was a really delicious vegan soup. Its really hearty and filling. It always seems like there is a little something missing in soup stocks for vegan recipes, but the mix of spices really make this soup very flavorful. I couldnt stop eating it. Its great with warm foccacia bread too, FYI..

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MLG March 08, 2002

I gave this recipe 4 stars because made some adjustments to the soup and the instructions leave out completely when to add the spices, etc. First, I added two cubes of vegan bouillon to the soup. Added a few splashes of good Marsala wine to the onion, garlic, celery mix. Once the soup was almost ready, added some fresh baby spinach and whole wheat macaroni. This was a delicious soup!

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emilyv March 06, 2011

Very nice, and very filling. On my second try I did not cook the beans until tender but left them slightly "al dente", which I liked better. Freezes and reheats very well.

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Is This Really Necessary December 30, 2006

I wish I read the entire recipe before I started because this thing turned out to be a complete waste of time. Not only do the recipe's instructions ask you to remove bay leaves that no previous step told you to put in, but it also doesn't even use half the ingredients that are listed. When I realized that the instructions were about to end and I still had all my spices and tomato paste on the counter waiting to be used, I knew something was wrong. To make matters worse, in the picture associated with the recipe, you can clearly see that there are ingredients (elbow noodles) in the soup that aren't even listed in the recipe. I've had to scramble to add the remaining ingredients in a way that I thought made sense and I hope it turns out alright. I can't see how anyone else actually finished the recipe and gave it a great rating if they were following the instructions as currently written.

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MisterFood April 24, 2012

This soup is amazing. So hearty, flavorful, and the only reason I need a napkin is to blow my nose. I made this twice in the course of 4 days, because it went so quickly. The first time I only used one onion, because we just didn't have another, and without the ginger powder. The second time I had all the correct ingredients except for the bay leaves, and I added a few more carrots, less water, actual celery, and way more cabbage. I love this soup so much! The only reason I need my napkin for this meal is to blow my nose. Faccocia bread is spectacular with it!!

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thrasherrr March 13, 2012

Very tasty . .I changed some of the recipe. I used vegetable stock instead of water. I did not use cabbage, thyme, or ginger because I didn't have them on hand. And I used a can (14.5oz) of no-salt diced tomatoes instead of tomatoe sauce, only 1 clove of garlic,and only about 2/3 of a good size onion. I used a total of three cans (15.5 oz each) of generic brand canned northern beans. I simmered everything in the stock for about an hour. Then put the third can of beans and a ladle of the simmered stock in the blender and pureed. I added the pureed mixture back into the soup to create a thicker soup. Again, it's very tasty, I'll be making it again!

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phyllis632 November 06, 2011

AMAZING! Okay I added ground turkey burger and lentis for more fiber and protein! With those adds I have to rank 5 star. For "stock" I used heartsmart V-8. I did not use the low sodium, you probably could. *IF YOU ARE DIETING THIS IS A MUST DO RECIPE IMO*

One of the posters said it was bitter, that's probably the tabasco sauce that's called for last- which Franks Red Hot is a little less bitter -- or cayenne pepper might be less bitter. Some peppers can throw bitter flavor, I've noticed that with tabasco brand.

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dez4web January 29, 2011

This was great...healthy and flavorful. After reading other reviews a went a bit heavier on the spices but stuck with those listed in the recipe. I used balsamic vinegar for the sauteing which added to the overall flavor. It was not bland at all! This will be a "repeater" here!

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EnjoyingLife March 20, 2010

I took note of Sallyabreak's warning of blandness then doctored it a bit. I added some garlic & ginger, and a touch of yellow curry powder for character. I also decided it would be a better pasta dish than soup so I did all my sauteeing in olive oil and the only liquid I added was the viscous juice from the bean can. It was DELICIOUS!

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tim April 28, 2007

It wasn't that great; had a bitter aftertaste...it might be because of the vinegar, I don't know. I added basil and oregeno also but it didn't help much.

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Sallyabreak July 10, 2003
Hearty Vegan Navy Bean Soup