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Ducky - Since you have not tried these, I've decided to write a somewhat longer review than usual. I decided to make this in gift bags rather than jars as I'm giving them to a relatively large group and want to economize a bit. If you are doing the same, then consider mixing the white and brown sugar as it was hard to keep them in separate layers. The bags were very attractive and I'm looking forward to giving them out during the holidays. I also baked up a batch for my family to test them out. I made mine with 4 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of applesauce. The dough was way too thick to have used a mixer - nor am I certain it would have been a good idea to use on eas it would have beaten the heck out of all the textured ingredients. Initially the dough was very dry and crumbly, not a good beginning for a cookie such as this. I ended up adding 2 additional tablespoons of applesauce to get a more workable dough and had to do the final mix with my hands. Kids will love this step. I ended up with 2 1/2 dozen cookies using a small scoop. The cookies didn't spread at all, so make sure you like the shape they take as you place them in the baking sheet. The reactions at our house were mixed. I loved them and would have given them five stars. Mom didn't like the M&M and would have prefered chocolate chips. The kids loved the M&M's but didn't like the raisins. Everyone liked the cookie itself and the way the coconut and oatmeal came together. All of these are eaily fixable and you can do variations based on your intended recipients. One last thing, if you are calorie concious, RecipeZaar has not included the coconut in the nutritionals so it will be a bit higher that what's shown. Thanks for a wonderful cookie.

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justcallmetoni November 24, 2005
Hearty Trail Mix Cookies - Jar Mix