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What a great recipe- cooked in my pressure cooker for about 5 min. and added the soup. I did need to cook another 1/2 cup of rice to mix in, though,since the rice kind of disappeared in the liquid (probably different brands vary, this was Uncle Bens's). I bought Hanover's "Latino Blend" for the veggies (corn, peppers, black beans) and loved it. I added some additional seasoning at the end, too.I thought it was great with/without the cheese, and couldn't really tell that the almonds were in there, so omit next time. Thanks Bec, for another delicious recipe. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado February 11, 2010

I originally saw this on the web site "Jaime's Kitchen," where it was marked as a favorite. Because it was marked so highly there, I had pretty high expectations for it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't a 5-star recipe for me. It worked well as a night-time meal and then leftovers for lunches, though, and I liked that I could get more than one serving of vegetables and dairy (because I added more cheese) as well as whole grains and beans all in one serving of this dish. I made it without the hot sauce and tried it both with and without almonds, but I preferred the latter. Thanks for the recipe! Made for Healthy Choices ABC Tag.

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South Carolina Girl May 17, 2008

A good way to get children to eat veggies and beans. This is a yummy dish, and easy to prepare. I prefer it with kidney beans, and without the hot sauce or almonds.

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Ima Vegematarian July 19, 2007
Hearty Rice Skillet