Hearty Maine Bread

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Total Time
2hrs 10mins
10 mins
2 hrs

This bread is awesome toasted or for hearty sandwiches. I frequently put the ingredients in the bread machine the night before, set the timer and wake up to a fresh hot loaf.

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  1. Load all of the above ingredients in order wet to dry into bread machine.
  2. Press go.
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I have been in a baking mood and have been meaning to make this. Wish I had made this sooner. This is hearty and dark very good. I did add one of the optionals. If you ever use sunflower seeds, be sure you use sunflower kernels with the hulls removed. I didn't and the pieces of hulls never softned so I felt that I was picking twigs out of my bread. But that was my fault. Will be making this for my freezer.