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Great! I love these nice and hearty soups - they are just so healthy, tasty & quick to put together. For the meat I used some leftover roast lamb along with some ham. I don't have a dutch oven so just used a fairly heavy pot, the lid doesn't seal well so I added an extra dash of chicken broth while stirring from time to time and cooked a little longer. I was suprised how flavorful it was given it didn't contain a lot of the herbs and condiments I might normally use in a soup like this, the vegies blended beautifully and the low-fat milk gave it a nice creamy texture. In fact I purchased some sour cream to garnish but after tasting it was so full of flavor I settled on a few chives and a little cracked black pepper.

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Peter J May 22, 2010

Oh Hope! I LOVE this soup!! I just love love love it! I halved the recipe first off. I ran the cabbage, onion and carrot through the food processor. I did not have potatoes ready in the fridge so I had to peel and boil some Yukon Golds. No Biggie. I chose to use the bacon. I topped it with Greek Yogurt and green onions. The boys ate theirs with organic white extra sharp cheddar and I had mine doused with Red Pepper flakes. I loved the cabbage in the soup! What a fabulous idea! I also did not have enough liquid and since I only had one cup of milk, I had to add a cup of chicken stock and a cup of half and half. I was certain I was going to ruin it.... but no chance - DEEE---LISH! Beverage Tag.

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NcMysteryShopper July 18, 2008

Very delicious! The only seasoning I added was salt, pepper, and garlic, and that was all that was needed. Quick and easy, plus healthy. :) This soup goes in my faves.

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Pansori December 11, 2010

This is a wonderful soup and since we, in formerly sunny California are suffering through a very cold and wet May, it was the perfect choice for ZWT #6! I love the "hidden" veggies and it tasted creamy with the non-fat evaporated milk. It is filling so serving it with a salad makes a nice meal! I'm a Quisine Queen!!

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CaliforniaJan May 27, 2010

True comfort food and so satisfying on a chilly night. Made as written, using Canadian bacon and microwaving the potatoes (which we didn't bother to peel). It came together quickly and easily. The milk didn't provide enough liquid to create a soup, so we added two cups of vegetable broth. Everyone added the garnishes they liked best. Thoroughly enjoyed for Zaar World Tour. Yummo!

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Leggy Peggy June 24, 2008
Hearty and Healthy Potato Soup