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these are beyond fabulous and healthy to boot!! I shredded lemon peel on the top-yummy!!

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pkentx3 April 25, 2010

This recipe is a keeper. I was looking for a healthy muffin to take to work for breakfast. This is a very moist muffin and very delicious. I did not have soy milk so I used skim milk. I love the fact that they are so good for you and taste good too!! UPDATE: These muffins freeze wonderfully. After thawing out they are just as good as when first made. I love this recipe.

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Doods September 16, 2013

My husband initially wouldn't try them when he saw what I had put in them. After trying them, however, he could not stop eating them. These are moist, flavorful and delicious. A keeper for us!
UPDATE 1/10/12: Still enjoying these little beauties just as written. I usually double the batch and freeze some for future mornings. Wonderful!

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Redheaded Chef January 10, 2013

These were good. I used golden raisins and left out the nuts. Also instead of oat bran which I couldn't find I used 1/8 c of each the flax, wheat, and white flour.

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GinGin :-) June 10, 2010

These delights tasted like mini-carrot cakes! My DH pointed that out so I made a basic butter/vanilla/powdered sugar frosting for some of them and served them as cupcakes for dessert! They were great. My only changes were: I used golden raisins, cow's milk, egg substitute and only 1/2 c. nuts. Using my changes, these muffins are 2 pts. each on WW.

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Balance_is_essential April 05, 2010

Really enjoyed these. Made them vegan by eliminating the egg. I considered not using the egg replacement, since flax is also an egg substitute, but didn't want to risk the structure and ended up using about 1 1/2 Ener G Egg replacer. I used coconut instead of raisins as that was what I had, and made into a loaf instead of muffins. Baking time was right at 40 minutes or so - I took them out when the bread looked set up in the middle. Only had a handful of nuts - it did need the full amount as they added nice crunch. All in all I really liked this bread and my 1 and 3 year olds ate it too - which is ALWAYS a treat for me when they eat something good for them. I called it 'cake' when I gave it to them. : )

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Mama Wendy February 05, 2010

It's been a long while since I made muffins and I've made these 2x this week! I don't have pastry flour, oat bran or flax seed meal, so I used only plain flour and wheatgerm bran instead. I used half the sugar because the soya milk is sweetend and they turned out great. Today I used apple sauce (instead of apples), bananas instead of carrots and coconut instead of raisins...Ate one already but really it needed to sit a while first. Tastes great though! Only thing is, with no oil added, it sticks to the paper cups a bit. Still, it's good to know you're eating a healthy snack :)

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LUVmyBELLY February 04, 2010

I wasnt hopeful for this recipe at all! when i put the muffins in the pan i thought they didnt look like they would work ! But they rose well and they are so soft and light. The textures really great ! Thank you so much for making a healthy snack :D Thanks !

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ellie__tom February 10, 2009

I apologize if my review appears twice, I'm having issues with the review box. 2 stars for healthiness, otherwise bland, too salty, texture of something papery? I followed this recipe almost exactly with the exception of reducing the sugar to 3/4 cup. If I were to try it again obviously I would cut the salt, but can't think of a way to save these. The raisins are what will keep them in my freezer for consumption, sorry guys I was not a fan! Have tried similar recipes in the past with much success. I lost my favourite recipe and have been searching for a suitable replacement. This was not it!

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Not A Banana February 17, 2008

Excellent muffins! My daughter and I made these last night and I must say they are the best I have had in a long time. Wonderful flavor and texture. I used regular all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour and skim milk instead of unbleached, pastry and soy and it worked just fine. I also cut the brown sugar and the nuts (pecans) to 3/4 cup each and increased the raisins to 3/4 cup, just based on personal preference. I'm sure the recipe is perfect just as posted too! I will definitely make again. Thanks for posting.

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Chris from Kansas February 02, 2008
Heart Healthy Muffins