Healthy Raspberry Dessert

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5 mins
0 mins

This is a recipe I tried at Trader Joe's and really liked. It uses nonfat Greek Yogurt, fresh raspberries and agave nectar. . .super simple and refreshing for the summer months. It's tart, sweet, smooth and crunchy!

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  1. Place 2T of yogurt on the bottom of each dish (I use a small cookie scoop so that its somewhat rounded).
  2. Place 7 raspberries on the top of each.
  3. Drizzle 1 tsp of Agave nectar over the top of each.
  4. Place 1 sprig of mint on each.
  5. Serve immediately (otherwise the sweetener will start to run to the sides of the bowl and your raspberries may "bleed" into the yogurt.
  6. Optional: This tastes nice with a little fresh mint mixed into the yogurt as well!
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I reduced this recipe to make one serving. It's a very nice, healthy dessert. I couldn't find blue agave nectar. The health food section of the supermarket had blue agave syrup (same thing?) which was very expensive so I did what a previous reviewer did and used honey as the sweetener. I didn't mix any mint into the mixture. Made for Veggie Swap #24

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Very nice! A quick and easy dessert that is both pretty and healthy. Also liked that was easy to cut down to serve one. Made only one small change which was to use honey instead of blue agave nectar. My mint currently has a bug, but did find one very little piece to use and look forward to making again when my mint is healthy again. Thank for the great post.

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Delicious and not too unhealthy! I made ours with local honey rather than agave nectar because that is what I had. I used Balkan (thick) yogurt (not nonfat), frozen raspberries that I had thawed first, fresh would obviously look better. The mint looks very pretty garnishing this dessert. I'd like to try this again with a little mint mixed in.