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DEE-licious! These caught my eye because I love dried apricots. I just tasted a half of one, I'm sure I'll be making them again. I used eggs, and I had regular rolled oats in the house, so used those instead of quick oats, and the results were great. Thanks for sharing this one!

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HEP MEP February 24, 2003

I made these last year and loved them but children not so much, I just remembered I had this recipe and tried it again today without the apricots and instead 1 chopped up granny smith apple, 1 1/2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of sultanas... I drizzled vanilla yoghurt icing over the top - YUM!! Even if my children don't like them this time TOO BAD I DO!!

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galaxydreaming June 09, 2008

These were easy to make and they stayed together once cut up so they were good for packed lunches for the kids. The downside was that they were too dry. Some other reviewers have suggested adding things like apple sauce so while I think I will make them again, I will experiment more with cinnamon and perhaps apple juice. With the next batch, I'm going to swap apricot for apple and sultanas and see how that goes, but basically it's a good recipe - just needs a bit of tweaking.

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Laura Pie November 07, 2010

These are GOOD! The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is that I think they could benefit from the addition of some spices. I LOVE that these are super-healthy and packed with protein and fiber. These are easy to throw in a lunch box or grab on my way out the door. Thanks so much for sharing!

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LillyZackMom July 12, 2010

I have been hunting for the perfect breakfast healthy bar. This one was pretty good, but I had to doctor the recipe a bit to get it moist ( all the other bar recipes have been way too dry, and this one would have been too had I not added some things). I added a small mashed banana, and 1/2cup of applesauce, I used regular eggs, and added cinnamon since that worked so well for other reviewers. I also added a tablespoon or two of wheat germ. I had to bake this for a while ( 35 minutes), but the end product was almost cake-like but held together well...most importantly it wasn't dry!

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Retro Kali March 26, 2009

We have enjoyed these but think they would be better with the addition of some cinnamon or other spices. I topped the bars with cinnamon sugar to add a bit more sweetness. I also had to add a bit of water to get the dough to form together.

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Chef Doozer November 27, 2007

This is a little gem of a recipe! I added dried figs and dried cranberries, wheat germ and quinoa flakes to make it just that little bit healthier. I also reduced the sugar content by half but that is just personally preference. Other half can't stay away from it at the moment and it hasn't even cooled yet. Many thanks Spatchcock.

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chive flower November 01, 2007

These are delicious! I doubled the recipe. In order to meet dietary needs I used Splenda Brown Sugar, and added 4 scoops of protein powder. They're great with a cup of tea as a snack, or with yogurt in the mornings! Hmmmmm.....I have some dried cherries in the pantry.....I wonder how they would be in place of apricots? Or cranberries? Yum! Lots of possibilities.

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Lightly Toasted September 20, 2007

Great! It is so hard to find a bar recipe without white flour. I changed this a bit because I didn't have some ingredients...I used currants instead of apricots, and no sunflower seeds. I also used Splenda and Sugar Twin to sweeten instead of brown sugar. To compliment the currants I added cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and some vanilla extract. These were a tad dry but so easy to take on-the-go. I might add some applesauce next time to make them more moist.

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yogiclarebear March 11, 2007

These were easy and healthy, but we thought that they were a bit dry. The apricot flavor was nice, but I don't think I'll make them again.

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JulieCooks February 20, 2007
Healthy Oat and Apricot Breakfast Bars