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OMG!!! I just made these to have for my low cal diet. I did make a couple of modifications out of taste and diet. I used spinach instead of the leeks and peppers, used skim milk, egg beaters (2 cups) instead of eggs, and used apple smoked gruyere instead of parm. I just had to try one tonight because they made the house smell so good, and they were unvbelievable!! A couple of notes, I had to cook them about 45 minutes because they still had liquid coming out after 25 and 35 minutes (but that might be the egg beaters) and next time I will cook them in muffin cups because they stuck to the pan a bit. But, Nikki, such an awesome recipe!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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katindallas November 19, 2011

These came out WONDERFULLY. Thanks, Nikki! I used 7 eggs instead of the eggs/whites because I feel weird about just using whites in things and wasting the yolks - yolks are the best part! :) Also added some bacon bits - makes them a tiny bit unhealthier but added an awesome dimension of flavor.

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djbarnez September 18, 2012

Excellent! Followed recipe and they turned out really nice. Next time I might change up the veggies, maybe add ham or turkey, who knows. Might try with only egg whites to keep it even healthier.

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CamaroChick October 09, 2010

What a great way to start off my family's day!
I used red and orange peppers along with some thinly sliced pepperoni for my carnivore hubby :)
It turned out beautifully and was scrumptious. It was nice to learn a new way to enjoy the incredible, edible egg!!

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linda21224 September 27, 2010
Healthy Mini Vegetable Quiches