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Used only whole wheat flour for my muffins. Substituted the oil for my latest miracle ingredient....Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt! 1 cup of yogurt instead of the oil/applesauce combo. Less calories, less sugar, and mega protein! I used only 1/2 cup sugar. I will try adding an extra banana and completely omitting extra sugar next time. I used cranberries so that upped the sweetness. Also added 1/2 cup ground flax seed. AND since everyone loves a crunchy topping on their muffin, but streusel is sooo not healthy.... I used Kashi GoLean Crunch on top! Just crushed it a little bit smaller. Again a little bit of extra protein :-) Baked 25 minutes, rotating pan halfway through. Made 24 muffins.

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Ohleaveus June 18, 2010

I thought this was great even with the mods I made to make it even more healthy, so I am sure if made as written it would be fabulous! The changes I made were to use all whole wheat pastry flour, cut the sugar to 1 cup, added extra cinnamon, subbed flaxmeal + water for eggs and skipped the oil in favor of an extra banana. I actually thought it tasted more ;ike zucchini than banana bread, but either way it's very moist and yummy!

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Dre S June 29, 2010

This bread definitely does not taste low fat! It's so moist I think I will cut back on some liquid next time, maybe squeeze the liquid out of the zucchini before baking. I added about 1 1/2 cups very ripe bananas and cut the oil to 3 tbs. I love the texture from the oats! I added chocolate chips to one loaf. One thing was, the top was getting very dark before the center was cooked so I covered it with foil for the last 10 minutes. Thanks!

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newmama February 24, 2010

The first time I made this, I made it exactly as written. The second time I made it, I followed the suggestions of another review. I used ALL whole wheat flour, and used 1 cup of plain Greek no fat yogurt in place of the oil and applesauce. Plus I used 3 bananas, extra vanilla, extra cinnamon, and 3 whole eggs and 1 egg white. I used 1 cup of sugar and put vanilla almond cereal crumbled up on top. Due to personal preference, I omitted the raisins, nuts, and the other 2 spices besides the cinnamon. Both versions were good so I'll probably make it again doing it the second way which was even more healthy.

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wilkerson765314 July 10, 2014

I made this as a loaf and as muffins. I liked that it was not overly sweet. The texture was great, I didn't feel it was rubbery at all and I especially liked the texture the oatmeal added. I did sub butter for oil and omitted the allspice. This is a recipe I will use again.

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oak park katie September 21, 2009

I made 3 different zucchini bread recipes this weekend...and this was definitely the best of the bunch! Great flavor, very moist and hands-down the best. It was very good fresh out of the oven. I especially like that there isn't a CUP of OIL in this recipe! (like most other recipes for zucchini bread.) It was a tiny bit rubbery - but that is a small trade-off - for a MUCH healthier final product.

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p4fb August 22, 2009

This is a very good bread! I had 3 over-ripe bananas and a yellow zucchini that gave me just slightly over the 2 cups needed. I reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup, and only used 3 eggs (figured the batter was wet enough from the extra banana and zucchini). I love the texture of the oats in this bread, too. The loaves were dense & moist; next time I think I will use the additional egg (or egg subsitute), and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top before baking. Delicious! Thanks for posting -M =)

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Mary Scheffert August 20, 2009

Oops, I forgot to add the oil. I made these into muffins (I got 21), and I thought that these would be ruined. They were fantastic, and I saved 500 calories by not adding the oil. I did make sure not to overbake them, and I also put them into the freezer once they were cool to help prevent drying them out. One other change I made was to use 1/4 brown sugar and about 3/4 cup splenda. I also used eggbeaters - 286 calroies for 4 eggs vs. only 120 calories for 1 cup of eggbeaters. With my changes and accidental ommission, I've got these pegged at 108.9 calories each, and two of these make a very flling breakfast! I'll be making these again soon, and maybe switching out the raisins for dried cranberries and adding some orange extract. Yum!

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Tim964 August 10, 2009

This bread is the best! I used 1 cup of granulated Splenda in place of the sugar and it came out great! A friend added 2 scoops of whey protien powder (vanilla) and backed off the sugar a bit to give it more protein. I also made a pan of muffins and one loaf to make it easier to share. As a gardener, I need recipes that use up all my zucchini! Enjoy!!!

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TxGardener July 09, 2008

So yummy! The changes I made were purely due to lack of certain ingredients, but they (I made cupcakes instead of loaves) turned out delicious! I used all unbleached white flour, subbed one cup of pumpkin purée for one zucchini, used 3/4 cup coconut oil and no applesauce, and subbed 2t of pumpkin pie spice for all the spices. I also added a cup of chopped medjool dates that had been soaking in cold water for awhile. Made 12 regular sized muffins and 15 mini muffins. Delicious!

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jennifer.irene.davies May 07, 2015
Healthy Low-Fat Banana Zucchini Bread