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The avocado sauce and the coleslaw mix tasted awesome! The fish tasted good and normal (an opportunity here to "blacken"). Several times the recipe called for salt and pepper; the recipe could be improved to give quantities, as I wondered what I would end up with. For the flour mix, the amount of flour could be reduced to 1/2 cup and still have enough for easy coverage; in Step 5 specific amounts were given but these were not listed among the ingredients (I like to line up my ingredients in order of use like a countdown). It would be helpful if Step 7 gave some estimated cooking times. I was very impressed with the avocado sauce that didn't blacken while standing and that allowed me to cover a good bit of the tortilla. The coleslaw mix began to get soggy; the carrots would have stayed crisper had I used my old-fashioned grater rather than the new Microplane grater which grates too finely for this purpose. For half a recipe's worth of coleslaw mix, I used 4 drops of Crystal hot sauce, and wished I had used a drop more for a bit more tang. I don't remember 2 toppings such as the avocado sauce and the coleslaw mix that excited me as much on previous fish tacos, so I will definitely revisit this recipe! Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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KateL April 30, 2014
Healthy Fish Tacos