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I like this recipe because it's very adaptable. I'm making it this evening, not as muffins but as a sort of breakfast cake for tomorrow morning, because it helps me to use up some ingredients (like the little bowl of egg whites in my fridge). I'm a purist about using butter for baking, so I'm afraid I made this less than healthy by using the same quantity of butter in place of the sunflower oil. I'm also using brown sugar instead of white, and a mix of dried cranberries and dried raisins. I see that I forgot about the orange zest, but I added extra vanilla--never hurts! NOTE: It would help if Hearty Chef would specify the oven temperature. I'm currently working with a 400 degree F oven sort of by default, because that's the temp I'll be using for the two loaves of rye bread that I'm going to pop into the oven afterwards.

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Epyllion January 31, 2009
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