Healthy Cake for Cockatiels

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 40 mins

Human's question: "Polly wanna cracker?" - Polly's answer: "No, you can keep your silly crackers, I'll have these instead!"

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Heavily grease one 9"x13" cake pan.
  3. Mix all dry ingredients together well in large bowl.
  4. Add eggs and baby food; stir until all ingredients are evenly moist.
  5. Batter will be very thick and heavy.
  6. Pour batter into cake pan.
  7. Bake approximately 40 minutes, or until cake pulls away from sides of pan.
  8. Cool completely, and then cut into birdie nibble-sized cubes.
  9. These freeze extremely well and will thaw fairly quickly.
Most Helpful

Wow! These are better than the peanuts I steal from the jar on the table! I scarfed down 2 pieces before they were even cool... but then I like warm food! This morning I had a piece with my morning coffee (which my human always thinks is hers), and I dunked a few crumbs too! Pure bliss! My human put apple bits and apple sauce in these, along with chopped peanuts and shelled sunflower seeds. All my favorite things. Thanks for giving my human this recipe, Miller... it sure beats those crummy egg bikkies she buys at the store! Tucker (Birdbutt) F.

Terri F. April 27, 2002

I was thrilled to see this recipe. It turned out great-everything a spoiled bird should want. I added chunks of apple, peas and corn. When our Sandy, the most spoiled cockatiel in the world, saw this she looked at me and said you have to be kidding. I prefer tea and a ritz. However after I had a few nibbles she decided to try it.P.S. We have 2 ponds in our backyard and as a result more kinds of nature birds than you can imagine. I put some at our many feeders and they scarfed it down.Nature thanks you!

Kate in Ontario May 02, 2002