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This was very good. I used fresh carrots and a little celery chopped up in the food processor. I also cooked it in the crockpot for about 6 hours after sauteing the onions, garlic, and kale as directed. It seemed like an awful lot of garlic, but it mellowed out nicely. We served it with parmesan on top, yum! The only thing I will change next time is to chop up the kale into very small pieces, maybe with the food processor, to make the soup easier to eat--it was a little sloppy this time.

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kbmidura June 27, 2010

Excellent soup! I didn't change anything except to add 1/2 lb of spicy sausage and it gave great flavor. Will make again!

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stacylu October 19, 2010

A very easy and good for you soup! The only thing I changed was to use fresh carrots rather than canned. I peeled, chopped and added to the saute at the start.

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Judy's_Cookin' February 24, 2011

Excellent soup! The blended bean/broth mixture makes this nice and thick and the spices, onion, and garlic give it so much flavor. Just perfect!! You caught my eye with the health benefits of lutein in the tomato, but this is soooo delicious too. And kale is in the cabbage family which makes it a cancer preventative. One serving has all the adult daily requirement of vitamins A & C! Very easy to put together. I used great northern beans, and only one can because that's all I had. Topped it with a dash of cayenne and Nutritional Yeast 'Parmesan' Nutritional Yeast 'Parmesan'. Thanks for my fabulous lunch today, Barbara!

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yogi April 22, 2003

Excellent recipe. It's so simple to make and has relatively few ingredients. I used my stick blender to puree a portion of the soup. This is my favorite way to puree soups. The flavor was so good I forgot to top it with the parmesan cheese. My husband said it was good even though it had spinach in it. I didn't tell him it was actually kale. After the soup was done cooking and after I sampled it I did add about a half cup of rice. It didn't change the flavor but made the vegetables more tolerable to my husband who is usually a vegetable hater. I will be making this again. Thank you for posting it!

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Courtney Stinson June 08, 2010

YUM! I'm enjoying this soup now. Since cans are lined with BPA, I do not use canned foods. I substituted 1 c dried beans, soaked using the quick-soak method. I included the soaking water in the final product. I then used 2 3/4 cups fresh, diced tomoato. I added Hot Italian Chicken Sausage in with the onions in the beginning. YUM YUM YUM.

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Heather V. March 25, 2009

Loved It!!!!!! I added quite a bit more Kale than called for.We didn't even miss the meat. Hearty and delicious...

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edmaina_9559888 September 08, 2011

I had my doubts when I started with this recipe because it doesn't contain any meat. Initially the first day I thought it was okay, but seemed lacking flavor. After a day and night in the fridge that seemed to make all the difference. I couldn't stop eating it. I followed the recipe exactly but added a little tabasco and I used Italian stewed tomatoes. Will make again. Thank you.

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vicki February 09, 2010

This soup was really amazing. I never had Kale before and I really enjoyed it. Just make sure to cook it long enough so it's not bitter, taste as you go! I added black, canellini, and kidney beans and red peper flakes for some heat. I also used the canned tomatoes with chili's which I really enjoyed! i didn't pure anything and enjoyed the thinner broth! thanks for the recipe!!!

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ra.rubenst February 03, 2010

I officially removed this recipe from my recipe book this week. I really like the ingredients so I keep trying to 'fix' it, but there are other better recipes out there. The biggest problem is too much liquid and not enough beans. The liquid or broth is not really high on flavor either. If not for the cheese on top at the end, it really would not be enjoyable. When my son, a big soup lover, asked me not to make this one anymore, I threw in the towel. Sorry.

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YourStuff March 02, 2014
Healthy Bean Soup With Kale