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With the use of only the egg whites (1/2 a cup) there is only a trace amount of fat in this. I used 2/3 cup of Splenda and that was the right amount of sweetness for me and I doubled the cinnamon. The vinegar ( apple cider) added an interesting and good flavor point in this recipe that, for me, is unique in banana bread. I baked in a small loaf pan @350 for 40 mins and it was completely done. I don't think that the 16 servings is very realistic though. I cut 4 slices and that took almost half of the loaf. Just now I actually measured the thickness of the slices out of curiosity and they are a hair's breath over a 1/2 inch so I think that 10 servings from the loaf is more like it. It's a more compact bread than most that has excellent flavor and high satisfaction points for a bread that is (in my case) almost totally far and sugar free. Made for Pac, Spring 09.

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Annacia March 25, 2009
Healthy and Tasty Banana Bread