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I cheated a bit when making this and used a can of white beans instead of dried beans and therefore omitted the water. The pasta used was Organic Vegetable Alphabets. I sauteed the veggies before adding the broth and reduced the cooking time to about 30 minutes. The cayenne gives the soup a very nice bite wihout making it hot. DD had a 2nd bowl. That alone would make it a 5 star recipe for me. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT4

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Dreamer in Ontario June 26, 2008

Nice and easy and tasty too. The kids liked it and I'm happy that I made a nutritious meal. I used tinned kidney beans as I didn't have white beans, so I used a little less water, and it worked out really well. I chopped the onion really fine, used minced garlic, and grated the carrot, so I didn't puree at all, making it simple. I'm tempted to add a little chopped bacon next time, then the husband will eat it too!

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gillegan November 15, 2012

Our family really enjoyed this soup. I was looking for something a bit different than our standard chicken noodle soup and this fit the bill. I had some extra tomato paste on hand so used a few tablespoons of that instead of the canned tomatoes and added extra stock. I also added some chopped green beans for extra veggies & colour.

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pastawendy September 15, 2012

We were crazy about this recipe. I made it for my daughters to take to school in their lunches. When it was almost gone, I finished it up. It is a good thing I didn't try it first because they might not have had any if I had! This was a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. I used canned white beans and substituted tomato puree for the tomatoes as one of my daughters doesn't like pieces of tomato. I will stick to this recipe from here on out - it was just right!! Thank you for sharing!

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Julie F June 06, 2012

This was really good, and simple! I took out the beans completely from the recipe, but added browned ground turkey at the same time as adding the noodles. (Husband always has to have some sort of meat or poultry in his dinner!) My grocery store didn't have Alphabet pasta, so I used small shells and they worked great!

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MinnesotaMolly March 20, 2012

very very good! i made it as written, except instead of white beans i used a 15 bean & lentil mix (dried). all three kids enjoyed it, as well as my husband and i. i think next time i make it i will make a double batch and freeze half (probably without the pasta) for a quick supper! thank you for posting!

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3vegkids April 17, 2010

This was really good! My kids just loved it. I liked the addition of the cayenne since it gave it a nice little kick, but not too much. Made for ZWT4 for the Tastebud Tickling Travellers.

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Lainey6605 June 29, 2008

5 stars fro bringing back childhood memories and presenting it in a healthy way. No added fat here, great.I love the sweet tastes of tomatoes and carrots. And beans are wonderful protein source. I used canned canneloni beans and so I could reduce cooking time to just 20 minutes. Try this soup next time with some friends. Add some fresh tomato pieces and some slices of carrots for reference. You will see everybody knows this soup and will be delighted to get it again after many years. Like it was for me. I loved alphabet soup as child and still do. Thanks for sharing.

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Thorsten April 20, 2007

This was both easy and delicious... and the grandbabies loved it. Despite leaving the alphabet pasta here at the house when I went over to DD's to visit this afternoon, the soup worked well w/ "wagon wheel" pasta. Eleven month old Chloe was thinking about every piece of food I put in her mouth, trying to figure out what it was I was giving her... and she kept opening her mouth for more. I froze extra soup in 2 cup containers for DD to have for future meals. I sampled the soup myself and it is very tasty.

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Impera_Magna September 11, 2006
Healthy Alphabet Soup