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I found that this took longer than 10 minutes to prepare. Maybe I'm slow but I also changed the receipie a bit. It took me 45 minutes to prepare. I didn't use any meat instead I used extra spinach (about 1 pound) and 4 cups mushrooms. I added the mushrooms to the sauce and I cooked down the extra spinach in a hot dry skillet until it wilted then added it to the lasagne insted of the meat layer. Instead of celery I used a yellow pepper and I added 3 more cloves of garlic. I omitted the suger and replaced it with crushed red chilli and added a splash of Balsamic Viniger to the sauce. I used 2 whole eggs in the cheese sauce instead of just the whites and didn't cover with foil to cook simply because I didn't have any. I omitted the Mozzarella and instead used a light sprinkeling of grated parmesan. It was delicious! Thanks for the receipie it was fun to play around with it and make it vegetarian!

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Vincent Van Ravis December 31, 2007
Healthier Lasagna/Lasagne