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Fabulous recipe and fabulous loaf - I used dates instead of apricots which worked well. I love using bran cereal/flakes in cooking - healthy and hidden fibre !! Aptly named recipe !!

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katew December 06, 2011

Reviewed for the July Swap in the Aus/NZ Forum- such an easy loaf to make. I doubled the recipe to make two loaves. I have to admit that I wasn't too sure about this recipe while I was putting it together, but it really turned out great. I used Bran Flakes for the cereal and followed the recipe as stated. Looking at the recipe now, I've just realised that I used only half the measure of DR flour required- it didn't effect the loaf at all, except perhaps it may have risen a bit more with the reqired amount of flour. My youngest daughter wasn't keen on this one but my other daughter and husband think it's great. Nice to have a healthy slice/loaf with nutritional value rather than a sweet cake . Photo also to be posted

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**Jubes** July 19, 2011
Health Loaf