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I will be the first to admit that when I saw apple cider vinegar in the list of ingredients, I was a little skeptical (and I LIKE apple cider vinegar). That and the thought of the strong personality that molasses had... (and I LIKE blackstrap molasses) ... well, let's just say I knew this was going to be a love or hate result. While putting it together, it wasn't a smell that I would say I was falling in love with (it wasn't bad either (!!) just not as enticing as say... sugar cookies or spiced rum. LOL).

So I put some in a glass while hot (you're supposed to wait until it cooled and set) and it was actually amazingly good. Sweet, slightly tangy and soothing is the only way I can describe it. All the ingredients are exceptionally good for you and liver health and I highly recommend this drink. Will make it regularly and often now.

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JennieMiso December 20, 2012
Haymaker's Ginger Switchel