Hawaiian Turkey Burgers # 2

Total Time
25 mins
0 mins

A variation of my original Hawaiian turkey burger. Great served with rice with some of the pineapple or mango chutney.

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  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Form into patties.
  3. Csook 15 to 20 minute depending on the cooking method you are using.
  4. Flip half way through.
  5. Place spinach or lettuce on the bun.
  6. Place burger on top and then top with pineapple and kiwi, and any options you may have chosen.
  7. Options: cheese, vidalia onion. or your prefence.
  8. Serve on your choice of bun or bread.
  9. ***You may have to lessen the crushed pineapple or use more bread crumbs depending on the moisture in the meat, pineapple etc.