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Awesome rolls! Although I didn't have some of the crucial ingredients (i.e. coconut extract), I substituted with items I had on hand and the rolls turned out fantastic. I'm sure they would taste a lot more like the King's Hawaiian Rolls had I followed the recipe closer but they were still amazing. Here are my substitutions: Orange juice for pineapple juice, vanilla extract for coconut extract, wheat flour for potato flakes. I also omitted the ginger since I was so far off the recipe. I just want people to know that this recipe will still work great, even if you don't have some of the ingredients. Thanks for sharing and I hope to make the true Hawaiian rolls soon!

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faerdla January 30, 2011

So impressive that I'm still shocked I made these! I am still fairly new making yeast breads and have only tried rolls once before and these now make me want to try making them again and again. Loved the flavor of this roll and the light density. I let the dough rise a bit over an hour in the machine and then was able to get 14 rolls to place in the pan. Made for PRMR tag game.

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HokiesMom January 07, 2011

These rolls were the big hit of Thanksgiving. My dough cycle is 1 hr which includes some rising time. I let them rise for another 1/2 hour in the bread machine, and then divided out into rolls. I think that next time I will divide out into smaller rolls in the pan so that I have closer to 15-17 rolls to divide out. Everyone loved them, I'm sure I'll be making this recipe again!

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makamps November 26, 2010

Crazy good! I followed the recipe just as it is written...Only I don't have a bread machine. I used my kitchenaid. I will make this again and again!

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norcalcountrygal May 28, 2012

Outstanding, really outstanding, for sure! I was gonna share these with a small potluck group, but by the time we were ready to go, there weren't enough left to share ~ The two of us ate most of them almost right out of the oven! Followed your recipe right down to the juice & extract & loved it! Now I really must dig out a Hawaiian Bread stuffing recipe that I have & make more of these rolls to use in that! Thanks for this wonderful keeper of a recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike February 15, 2011

Thank you for posting this recipe! I was raised in Hawaii and have since been living in the Southeast, and now I never have to worry about sweet bread cravings again! Yes, King's Hawaiian is sold almost everywhere, but they don't come in loaf form like Hawaii. Eating the bread in slices for sandwiches or just to munch on is the way to go! I'll try making rolls next time if I feel up to dealing with the stickiness. I used the exact ingredients in my 1.5-2lb bread maker, and it came out perfect. The only tweaking I did was added 11/2 cups of pineapple juice instead of 1 cup and 1/2 cup sugar instead of 1/3 cup. Yes, I like my bread sweet, and I think it turned out pretty close to King's Hawaiian. I love fresh, warm bread, but I especially loved this bread the next day after everything had a chance to sit. This will be a regular in our household for years to come!

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nani1018 February 05, 2012

These were fantastic. And so easy to make. I followed the recipe as written (no adjustments), and I got 15 rolls. And they went quite fast in my house, no leftovers. I will keep this recipe and make them often. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Pale Rose.

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NorthwestGal January 11, 2011

I can never find coconut extract, so use coconut flavoring. My family eats these up! I only make them at the holidays so they have that special treat. I've used my bread machine, but never my KitchenAid. Might try that this year!

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Christina W. November 04, 2014

WOW!! These rolls are awesome!! I made these for Christmas dinner for 32 people and they got raves! I made the recipe as written (which I rarely do) and it was spot-on! Thanks, Pale Rose, for such a great recipe that I will be using often!!

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cookin mimi December 27, 2013

I am sorry to have to be the voice of dissent on these rolls. I did not care for the very pineappley flavor of the rolls. The dough was, as the chef, mentioned very sticky. I did not add extra flour, as the instructions said not to. There was no way to shape the rolls so they ended up being more like spoon rolls.

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Marie Nixon October 27, 2013
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (Bread Machine)