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This is a great dish for those "Clean Out The Refrigerator" nights. I made this entirely from things in my fridge, freezer, pantry and garden. For add-ins, I chose: scrambled egg, shredded chicken breast, snow peas, bok choy, mushrooms and scallions. I feel like I got all of the veggies I needed to have a balanced meal without feeling like I ate a pile of bland, steamed veggies. The ginger and soy really wake up the chicken broth, and make this something special. The only thing I might change is to add a bit of chile-garlic sauce, to give it a slight bite. Even without it, however, this is a fabulous, easy, versatile dish- well worth keeping in your back pocket. Thanks for posting!

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IngridH July 15, 2011

Having grown up in Hawaii, I felt compelled to write this review. First of all, saimin can't possibly be Hawaii's "National dish" -- Hawaii, after all, is a state of the US, and not a nation. Secondly, japanese somen noodles (I am ethnically japanese) are not all that similar to true saimin noodles -- I understand that most readers, including myself, cannot find saimin noodles on the continental US, so finding a substitute was necessary -- so know that, even though what you are creating with this recipe may be delicious, it it not real saimin. If you do have a chance to visit Hawaii, visit a traditional saimin shop and you will understand.

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Anonymous May 25, 2015

We made this soup tonight for my son-in-law's birthday. We followed the base recipe exactly, then added bok choy, green onions, scrambled eggs (dropped in), and light spam (lightly fried). It was delicious! We will definately make it again! Thanks so much for a super easy recipe, that doesn't disappoint!<br/><br/>Kate

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saksak August 25, 2013

Good and easy recipe to make from scratch. It is nice to know I can just whip this up. I hadn't tried spam since I was a kid. Made for ZWT7.

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Lavender Lynn June 30, 2011

A very simple, nice broth and noodle dish, and you can add whatever you like or have on hand! A great clean out the fridge/pantry recipe. I topped mine with Spam, carrots and cabbage. Made for ZWT7 for the Hot Pink Ladies.

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PanNan June 29, 2011

As usual, Nif, you have given us a gem! This was very quick and easy, and to my great surprise was enjoyed by the whole family. DH had 3 helpings, and DS was thrilled when I told him he could slurp his noodles (he said "like Kung Fu Panda?!?" LOL). I used thin rice noodles as they were on hand, and since an 8 oz box of those makes a LOT I doubled the broth mix as well. I went kind of crazy with the toppings so there would be something for everyone, with lots of veggies and several protein choices. I would SO love to order this at McD's!! Thanks again, Nif. Made for ZWT7 for the Vivacious Violets.

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smellyvegetarian June 29, 2011

My grandson and I ate Hawaiian today. Yummy soup. Very easy and I used ingredients that I had on hand - organic soba, spam (one of his favorites), mushrooms, peas, green onions, and diced shrimp. Thanks Nif for another great recipe. Made for ZWT7 for the Emerald City Shakers.

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lazyme June 26, 2011

A very nice and relatively light soup. For toppings I used spam, carrots, mushrooms, green peas, scrambled eggs and chives! Excellent flavor. Next time will double the amount of broth. Oh, I also used buckwheat soba noodles. Made for ZWT7 and the Saucy Silverados.

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Maryland Jim June 21, 2011

How fun to try a national dish of Hawaii! This was super quick to put together and I liked all the options for toppings (and used a lot of them!). I did use, and recommend, low-sodium soy sauce. For the soba noodles, I used organic buckwheat. I loved the ginger addition. I used these toppings: Spam (it was pretty darn good!), carrots, bok choy leaves, mushrooms, green onions and I had one coconut shrimp left from dinner last night - so I took off the breading and chopped it and added it to just my bowl. Yum! Made for ZWT7 and the Golden Gourmets.

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LifeIsGood June 20, 2011

We love noodle bowls and this one was great! I used thinly sliced pork, bok choy, grren onions and a hard boiled egg. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to use either low sodium Soy sauce or low sodium chicken broth...it was a bit salty for my taste but still very Yummy :)
Made for Food.Commandos ~ZWT 7

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K9 Owned June 18, 2011
Hawaiian Saimin Soup