Hawaiian Mochi Fried Chicken

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Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

Riding the Pineapple Express straight into your kitchen.

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  1. Bone the chicken if not already done and cut into plump finger-size nuggets and set aside.
  2. Combine the remaining ingredients and mix well. Add the chicken. Marinate overnight.
  3. Deep-fry at 350 degrees, keeping the pieces from sticking together. Drain the nuggets of excess oil.
  4. Serve mochi chicken as a main dish with fried rice, potato salad, or macaroni salad, as you would any other fried chicken. It is also great as an appetizer because it is a perfect finger food.
  5. Suggested dipping sauces: pineapple or mustard sauce, hot mustard, or sweet and sour sauce.