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We needed a new dinner so I tried these and served them over rice. Fantastic. I used just a little over a pound of ground turkey and cut the ingredients for the meatballs in half. I also tired just regular dried breadcrumbs and it worked out fine. I made the full recipe for the sauce since it always seems like there is never enough for our family. It served a family of 4. (would have served 5, we had leftovers). Thanks for the recipe.

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Chef ChiSox#1 July 29, 2009

Everyone liked these. Meatballs and sauce was easy to make. After I baked them I put them in the crock pot on low until the kids got here. I made this for my daughter, her date and 5 other of her friends that came over to have their dinner here before Prom this spring. They thought it was pretty cool eating dinner with my fine china and linens. Oh yes, I even had my set of double candlesticks on the table for them. I fixed myself a mirin wine (& orange juice) screwdriver after the kids had left for the dance.

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Charlotte J June 27, 2006
Hawaiian Meatballs