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This unique recipe was chosen as the main dish for a Hawaiian Luau that I was responsible for. Since the recipe requires an 8-12 hour delay before baking, I opted to make up all the enchiladas and refrigerate them overnight in an institutional size refrigerator. Since I was preparing food for a vegetarian crowd, I substituted Worthington's Fry Chic original recipe for the chicken breast called for in the recipe. If you are going to do this, my advise is don't try and take a short-cut and use Worthington Fry Chic already diced in the can, as the flavor is not as rich. I cut the pieces of "chicken" up just like you would real chicken. One dilemma we ran into was translating the recipe into feeding a crowd of 75 people from the one for 8 servings. It was hard for us to determine what a "serving" was. In the servings for 8 recipe, it was to be baked in a 9" x 13" pan. I don't know if we put too much filling in each tortilla, or what, but it was a tight squeeze to get even 12 to a pan. If 16 were to go in the pan, they would have had to be much thinner. Two enchiladas were served on each plate. We also found that after eating just one of these, we were really feeling full. So ours may have been too large. I served this recipe with the recipe from this website called Sweet-sour Sauce for Meatballs and Wings. It was the perfect compliment to this dish. So, Crystal, I was the "brave soul" who tried the recipe you submitted, and wow! you should have heard the raves of compliments that came in on this dish! Everyone wanted the recipe. Although this recipe was a bit time consuming - at least when making them in quantity, it was well worth it and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Go for it! It is great! Irene T.

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tup4jit February 13, 2007
Hawaiian Enchiladas