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We enjoyed everything about this pizza, including the chicken, ham, pineapple & cheese combo! Definitely a sweet tasting pizza & one we thoroughly appreciated! I'm now looking forward to including it as an appetizer at one of my monthly meetings! Thanks for posting it! [Made & reviewed just for the 'halibut'!]

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Sydney Mike January 24, 2011

A bit starnge but not overall bad.. I used turkey instead of Ham

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GingerlyJ October 20, 2009

I loved the idea of this recipe! The ingredients sound great and like they would make a good combination. I took a star off for the incorrect(?) instructions in Step 4. I guessed that it was supposed to be to BOIL for 10 minutes and remove from STOVE? It tasted really good that way. If I broiled the pineapple and honey, I would have had a bit of a fire! ;) I also talked to one of the hosts about it and she said that she noticed that too, so I think that my assumptions were right? I took off another star because when I did Step 8, the dough ripped apart because the cheese doesn't melt and wouldn't spread. Another star went because I couldn't cut it into 8 pieces as there were an awful lot of "loose" ingredients on top of the dough and we had to use forks and knives to eat it. It wouldn't have worked as an appetizer. Maybe it would work better if there was more pastry and a melting cheese? Like I said, the ingredients were tasty but I would modify it quite a bit if I were to make it again. I'm sorry - I really wanted to love this recipe!

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Nif February 20, 2009

I thought this was a good idea and the title made me want to try this recipe. I also loved the way the pineapple was prepared although you can grill pineapple and end up with the same results--I do understand that the contest required the addition of honey. The crescent rolls were just not a good "pizza" crust and the cheese was difficult to work with. I ended up wanting more of an Italian flavor--maybe the addition of oregano or pizza seasoning? I did like the chicken and ham combo, but the cheese and pineapple, not so much. Overall, tasy but hard to eat as the ingredients kept falling off the "pizza." There was no sauce or sticky cheese to keep the ingredients glued to the crust.

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pamela t. February 20, 2009
Hawaiian Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza