Hawaiian Chicken

READY IN: 2hrs
Recipe by Diane Axtell

Don't know where it originated from. Was a favorite of my family when they were growing up. Now they make theirselves

Top Review by Sidewinder314

Initially, this recipe looked really good, but ended up being a bit difficult to make. It was difficult to make because the recipe assumes you are familiar with it and can improvise. The first time I made it, I guessed on how much water I should be using as the recipe doesn't say (it only says that you should add some in the cooking directions). I also substituted crushed pineapple by accident instead of pineapple tidbits. After simmering the vegetables for 10 minutes in the chicken near the end, I noticed that the vegetables were still near raw (as a new cook, I am starting to learn these basics). So, I simmered for another hour until the vegetables were cooked. Ultimately, it turned out very, very good - basically it was like crockpot, on a stove. On the second attempt (my wife's attempt - and she has had a bit less cooking experience to date and improvises less than I), she followed the recipe as well as she could. Unfortunately, she didn't stir enough or add enough water, so it turned out carmalized/burnt. (As a side note, she also didn't cook the rice long enough, which shouldn't be a reflection of this recipe, but I thought worth mentioning.) This second round with this recipe produced less than favorable results. Overall, I think this recipe has much potential if it is updated to include a better ingredient listing (how much water to start with, what exactly goes in the marinade versus non-marinade ingredients, etc.) and cooking instructions (length of time for vegetables - unless the intention of the recipe really is for a raw vegetable taste, chicken cubed, etc.).

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  1. Rub the marinade all over the chicken, refrigerate 1 hour.
  2. Drain put save the marinade.
  3. Fry the chicken in oil with the garlic tell chicken is browned.
  4. add marinade& water,juice from canned pineapple& 1 cup pineapple juice.
  5. Simmer 1 hour.
  6. Add more juice if needed.
  7. Last 10 minutes add pineapple, peppers,onion& carrots.
  8. Serve over the rice.

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