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The taste of the bread (sweet, with a hint of lemon) and dip in this recipe were wonderful. But I can't give the recipe full marks because I had some problems with the bread. It all seemed to go well until I put the bread in the oven. As the bread baked up it did not stay as a round loaf. The top looked wonderful but it cracked around the sides. When I checked it after the 30 minutes baking time it did not sound hollow (although the top was golden) so I put it back in for another five minutes. By this time the top was starting to burn so I took it out of the oven but when I hollowed the bread it still was not cooked on the inside. It probably needed another 5-10 minutes. Also, when I hollowed out the bread the cracks meant the bowl wouldn't have held the dip. In the end, we just cut up the outside bits of the bread (which were cooked) and put them on our veggie platter. It tasted great, but not being able to serve it in the bowl was a bit disappointing. [Editor's note: recipe was updated as a result of these comments 3/31/03]

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Sackville March 30, 2003

I made the hawaiian bread and thought it was very good and also easy to make. I would like it a little sweeter. The dip was very good but I should have read the "to taste" on the seasoned salt. It was a bit too salty so I added a little sugar to kill the salty taste. All in all they both were good. I think the secret for the lady that wrote that her's cracked, is to just add enough flour to make the dough stiff enough to knead.Too Much can make it dry and then that could could cause it to crack.

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Lalun July 25, 2003
Hawaiian Bread With Dill Dip