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We loved this recipe! I used ground pork. I liked the use of bean thread noodle. I'd never tried it that way before. It was easy to make, fried up nice, and tasted fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT 6.

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CJAY May 31, 2010

Delicious and very easy! I added chopped cilantro, some green onions and more sugar and fish sauce (just my own preference). Next time, I'll try baking them. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Chef Sultry March 20, 2010

These were incredible. I used spring roll wrappers and baked the filled wrappers in the oven after I sprayed them with Pam. I cooked for 30 minutes, turning them at half time. I decided to cook my onion and carrot and then added the meat. Once it was cooked I drained the meat well and added the remaining ingredients. Because I cooked in the oven, I was afraid the meat would not cook properly. I subbed oyster sauce for the fish sauce and mixed all in the food processor(except noodles). I had a bit of filling left over and these made 24 rolls for me. I think these would be great to make ahead and freeze. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada June 19, 2008

Good recipe! My DH and I love it! simple and easy to make. Thanks for posting!

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shygirl September 22, 2008

These came out really good! I used 25 (large size) spring roll wrapper (12 oz.) and still had a lot of the meat mixture left over. I made sure to only use about a finger widths worth of the mixture to make sure that they cooked through. Next time I will use half as much onion and would not suggest using red onion as it looks like uncooked meat once it is cooked. I'll be going to the store tomorrow to buy more wrappers! Thanks Dreamer!

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cookiedog July 31, 2008

MADE FOR ZWT 4. I start with an apology: I cannot upload the photo because my spring rolls look horrendous!! I only had 1 packet of dough, and found that it had become damp in the fridge and had hardened: I just could not do one decent roll!! It was also the first time I had ever made spring rolls!! Nevertheless, they tasted delicious! The ugliness was all my fault: the recipe is great! I would like to mention that I don't think you can make 50 rolls with these. Maybe closer to 15 - 20 of normal size (more if tiny). This recipe is so easy: I ground the chicken in the processor, and added the onion, pulsing a few times. Then I tipped it into a bowl and added the rest of the ingredients. Really quick. Now if only I can get my hands on spring roll dough again -- very rare in my neck of the woods!! Thanks for a great taste!

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Zurie May 29, 2008

Mmmm Spring Rolls! These were delicious, Dreamer! Well worth the time! I made these for the Chinese/Vietnamese New Year Tag Game - February 2008. I used half ground pork and half ground chicken, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. I served these with Thai Dipping Sauce which is a great Thai multi-purpose dipping sauce. I know that Thai was not part of this game, but I find that the flavours in the two cuisines are quite similar and complement each other nicely. Thank-you, Dreamer, for a wonderful contribution. This will be making an appearance, in our house, on a regular basis.

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J. Ko March 12, 2008
Hau's Vietnamese Spring Rolls