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Fabulous! Instead of the 4 layers, I simplified it and made 2 9" cake layers, trimming the mounds on the top. I also used a "super moist" white cake mix with 2 whole eggs, instead of egg whites for the cake, to make it moist. I made a 1/2 recipe of the haupia filling to fill the two layers, and because my family loves it, I frosted it with White Mountain frosting from an old Betty Crocker cookbook (see recipe on recipezaar), sprinkling the top with angel flake coconut. The BEST cake ever!

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Yorkie mama April 05, 2010

Thank you Annisette for this cake recipe! We got to a restaurant in chicago that serves this cake and I fell in love with it the first time I tried it! I was looking for this recipe for months and finally found it here! Today is the second time I made this cake and I absolutely LOVE IT! First time I didn't make the whipped cream and it was great, but today I frosted the cake with your fabulous lemony whipped cream and it is delicious! I would've given you 10 stars if I could! Thanks a million!

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yulia_dob June 19, 2009

Extremely confusing. For starters, the ingredients for the cake and the frosting should be separated, under different headings because I followed step one and made the cake and only after, realized the first 3 ingredients - which I thought were for the frosting, were for the cake. There should also be a mention that if you whip the heavy cream too long, it will separate and become a block of butter and cup of milk. This happened to me and I had to improvise and add a ton of powdered sugar, canned vanilla frosting, block of cream cheese and pre-made Cool-whip - in order to make it smooth. I also needed an additional packet of unflavored gelatin to stiffen it up. As for the filling, it didn't firm up with the starch so I had to use an additional packet of unflavored gelatin. Lastly, the recipe makes waaaaaay too much filling and frosting and I now have containers in my freezer of each. Sure, I added extra ingredients to the frosting, but I also added 2 additional layers of cake (which I bought during my 2nd trip to the store) so I could try to use up all the filling and frosting. Even then, I had a lot left over. The cake ended up turning out tasty, but it was a lot of trouble because of the confusing way the recipe was written out and it took an additional trip to the store and 2nd evening of trying to make it all come together.

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lauracrowell July 15, 2015
Haupia Cake