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Made this yesterday - it was terrific. Thanks for posting. One idea is to have hubby do the chile's on the grill a night or so before making this... then at least that part is done. I followed the recipe - except put everything into the slow cooker once assembled and ran out to the beach for a while. I didn't know how much liquid to put in, didn't want it to burn, and put about a cup. That was tooooo much. Came home and put chile / stew back into original pan - and simmered to thicken / get rid of some of the liquid. Served to guests who proclaimed this gourmet southwestern food. We served it with brown rice with cilantro and tortillas / cheese etc... Great recipe. Will do again - for sure - may (?!) just throw it all into the slow cooker next time and see what happens... instead of the in between steps?????

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Gidget265 August 30, 2014

This is amazing stew! I used it as a burrito filling. The flavors are delicious and addictive. My prep took a little longer than 45 minutes. Closer to 2 hours. Part of that is because I had to char the chiles under the broiler. I liked that the instructions were very specific. I have never worked with chiles before, but I had no problems at all. Don't be daunted by the 29 separate instructions. The recipe is ultimately very simple and straightforward. Since Hatch chiles are only available for a short time here in Iowa, I am going to make batches of the veggies and freeze for use throughout the year.

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Damselicious August 16, 2012

Really tasty!! I ended up using all of the liquid from the vegetables, and maybe a tad more water. I let it cook for a while longer until the pork was tender.

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Charmie777 September 28, 2010
Hatch Chili Pork Stew