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Thanks so much for the perfect history lesson!! I haven't tried the recipe per se, except that it is basically what I make and call "polenta" when we're not in the mood for pasta. I usually mix it up, boil it a minute, then spread it in a buttered casserole and bake it till it's set. Sometimes I throw in some cheese or butter, sauteed onions, whatever...Then I slice it, fry it, or serve with spaghetti sauce or something. DH loves it! I had searched the term "Hasty Pudding" out of curiosity about the historic context and I was very pleased to learn that it can be made in a crock pot! Great idea and a keeper! I might try it baked with some crystallized ginger and pour some kind of syrup (golden syrup heated with ginger?) over it to make an olde-fashioned sweet treat! While the cooking time may not be "hasty," putting the ingredients together certainly is!! Thanks again!

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jilkat25 December 17, 2008
Hasty Pudding