Harvest Drink (Molasses Shrub)

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

A restorative, energizing summertime drink from the days before Gatorade and soda pop. These vinegar drinks are sometimes referred to as "shrubs". From the US Regional Cookbook, Chicago Culinary Arts Institute, 1947.

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  1. Mix all ingredients together in the order given.
  2. Serve chilled.
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I had this room temperature and would give it 3 stars because it didnt taste like anything special but I can see it tastes like pop and cold I think it would be 4 stars. I used fancy molasses and organic apple cider vinegar.

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Being southern born, I just love molasses. Here's an excuse to drink it! Am I in heaven? ;-) I am also hoping the vinegar will help with leg cramps after exercie. Thanks for the recipe!

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I adore 'shrubs' and that is what my grandmother called them. She made some with raspberry or strawberry strained puree but my favorite has always been Maple Shrub many old Mainers mademake this. I tried this one as I love molasses and it is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!! If one wants to try the Maple Shrub simply sub. PURE maple syrup (they used to use the leftovers) and omit the ginger. THIS shrub is lovely, and spicy and I cannot rave enough about the molasses! I had never seen a Molasses Shrub before and I thank you for posting a keeper!