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Love this recipe! I have made it several times and each time it came out wonderful. Here are a few suggestions. I like it with a little more heat so I use about 12-16 jalapeno peppers. Also, if you like Harry & Davids Hot & Smokey Pepper and Onion relish, try adding a 7 oz can of Chipotle peppers with Adobo sauce to the recipe. Also, I have had great luck using 5 - 14 oz. cans of stewed diced tomatoes. One other quick note: I have found that if you take your time with the cooking, allowing it to thicken through evaporation, that the pectin may not be necessary. Just test it on a small plate that has been in the freezer for a few minutes and see if it is thick enough. Just be sure to go low and slow and stir more frequently as it thickens to prevent scorching.

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brettintx April 26, 2012

Great! Made it several times. Wasn't spicy enough for me so I increased the Jalapenos from 2 to 6 and added 2 T red pepper flakes. Also I ran out in the middle of winter and Substituted 5, 14.5 oz. cans of drained diced tomatoes and it worked just fine. Pour it over Pork Tenderloin and Roast it. To Die For!!! Thanks for the post!

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Chef Dian February 22, 2008

After tasting this recipe I couldn't wait to make my own batch. I followed the recipe to the letter, except I used two boxes of pectin. Two boxes only gives you 3.5 oz. The recipe calls for 4 oz. Mistake on my part! The relish was too soupy! Here is the good news. If you purchase Ball Instant Pectin for no-cook freezer jam you can thicken the relish jar by jar as you use it. I added 1 tablespoon of this pectin to a 12 oz jar. Stir it in completely and refrigerate. It thickens up nicely. Breaking the seal ruins plans to give the jars as gifts, but it solves the problem for your own enjoyment. I plan to use 3 boxes of pectin in my next batch.

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Kansas Cook September 29, 2012

I live in Wyoming and don't have a H&D store close by. Being high altitude, I do have to boil it for about 4 hours before adding pectin and canning but it's so worth the time.

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dawn2701 February 08, 2012

Just got done canning this one! Oh baby! The little sample I had left that wouldn't fit in a jar was just sampled and it is just as good or better than the original. I am going to be Mom's favorite this year! The only difference I made is more peppers. I put in six Cherry Peppers that were seeded and then put in about 10 jalapenos, half seeds and half without. I also had two packages of Red Hots so those went in as well. The sample I am enjoying is spiced just right! Thanks for sharing!

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cleash August 17, 2009

I made this last year, and I as well had trouble getting it to set up. With lots of research this year I added a can of tomato paste. I was thrilled it is perfect!!! It also gave it a richer color. I am very pleased.

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Juli Y. September 02, 2014

I just made this with overripe garden tomatoes, and lots of hot peppers. Oh My!! Mine turned out hot! I used about 8 jalapenos with seeds and then some green cayenne peppers. Anyway, it is great - a true kick!! Only put in one pack of liquid pectin, and it is a bit thin, but I'm ok with that. I am thrilled to have found a copy cat for our favorite dip relish!! Thanks!!

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janelle.cole July 16, 2014

I have successfully made at least 75 jars of this and have never had a problem with it setting up. Family and friends request if 3 and 4 jars at a time. I have not tried this with canned tomatoes but I'm down to 3 jars now and am considering giving it a try. Half the jar mixed with 8 oz cream cheese is still the most requested way to enjoy this.

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Chef Cameo December 06, 2013

This stuff is wonderful!! I found this recipe after having such a great year with my pepper plants. I love anything spicy! So my first batch I added 12 jalapenos (most of them I left the seeds in) and still not as hot as I like it. I have served this with cream cheese and crackers to a couple of cookouts and it was a hit! Currently, I am cooking up my next batch and added one habanero and part of a bhut jolokia. Hopefully it will be hot enough. To those who aren't having much luck with getting it to set up.. make sure you cook the mixture for at least 2 1/2 hours. It set up wonderfully for me.

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jennk35 August 24, 2013

Have been waiting all summer to make this. Finally with all of the fresh produce from the local farmer's stand and the home garden, my husband and I spent most of our Sunday cooking up
a batch. This morning I ran down to the kitchen very excited to see that all the cans had sealed
but the relish did not set. The jars all look very soupy. I will continue to look at other reviews
to see if this is something I can fix with my next batch. Tastes great though....

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MxandKelysMom September 03, 2012
Harry & Davids Sweet and Hot Pepper and Onion Relish Clone