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First I am going to start by saying that this recipe is no where near easy, you have to let dough proof for a hour, the dough is sticky (kinda hard to work with) BUT besides that this is an amazing treat! It reminds me of something my beloved Mother use to make, but of course I never got the chance to get the recipe from her :( For some reason I mixed the lemon juice in with the batter. Of course I was like OMG!! Immediately I started another batch in case the batter wouldn't rise cuz of the lemon. Well although I mess up with the first batch it still came out perfect, so perfect that I had that hint of lemon in my puffs. So I ended up with about 4 dozen puffs. No problem thou, I sent some over to my sister and she loved them. My advice to anyone that makes these puffs....dredge your hands in flour and it will make it easier for you to handle the batter with your fingers. Just my opinion :) Lovely recipe brokenburner and I will make it again next year for our family X-Mas :)

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daisygrl64 January 06, 2009
Hanukkah Honey Puffs