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Wow oh wow...great taste Riff. I used the Spicey V8 (personal favorite of mine) and served these with my own cocktail sauce (lots of horseradish)! Thanks for a fun recipe!

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Rise` July 09, 2003

Despite never being "cooked" on the hot burner themselves, these shrimp were cooked to perfection (it's so easy to ruin shrimp by overcooking). They weren't super flavorful even using Spicy V8 but maybe it's the jalapenos I used. Will make again using more "hot" ingredients. Great technique for perfectly cooked shrimp.

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FLKeysJen February 09, 2013

I made a one-third amount of this using an 11 ounce can of V-8 and one pound of shrimp. I made this to share for a small picnic at concerts in the park. So easy to make in advance and then just pack in the cooler. These had a nice kick, but still allowed the flavor of the shrimp to come through. Although these were great on their own, I also served a cocktail sauce on the side. Everyone loved them!

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Ginny Sue July 22, 2006

I started my prep for this recipe in the morning before work with plans to serve it late that afternoon at a small get-together. I reduced this recipe for only a pound of shrimp and found that I didn't have any V-8 on hand. Instead, I subbed a can of petite diced tomatoes with green chilies. (I have had a similar recipe that used salsa and was served warm...so, the tomatoes weren't a huge stretch.) I brought the liquid ingredients to a boil, added the shrimp and removed from heat. I then covered the pot and stuck it in the fridge to marinate all day. When I got off from work, I drained the liquid and left the chunks of veggies with the shrimp. The texture of the shrimp was a bit soft from all day in the marinade, but the flavor was awesome. Several people asked for the recipe and the serving bowl was left clean.

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Ms B. October 04, 2005
Hangover Shrimp