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You know what the worse thing about this recipe was????? I would have never made it if it hadn't appeared in the DARE game!!!! I would have been scared of getting the bread part right. The directions were very clear and I had no trouble at all. The dish was so pretty I almost didn't want to cut it. But I did and I sure am glad. This is a really great recipe. I recommend everyone to give it a try.

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Jellyqueen June 22, 2003

Thank you! This was excellent, I had my doubts as to whether I could pull it off as I have not made bread in years, however it came out fantastic! I used hot roasted red pepper tapenade instead of pimientos, everything else as directed. Perfect to take for a sailing outing, easy and tasty to eat! Everyone loved it!

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Blue Skies October 12, 2008

Very good bread, with lots of delicious filling. I used bread flour and needed about 3 tablespoons less flour than listed. I divided the dough into two portions, and made two loaves, because of the size of my oven. (I made some extra filling because of the extra surface to cover.) The dough for each loaf came to 395 grams. Thank you very much for sharing this recipe with us.

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mianbao June 10, 2006

Very good bread! What I want to rave about, however, is not so much the bread itself but the instructions! This was only my second attempt at making bread and the first time was a bit of a nightmare due to "knead until you've kneaded enough" type of instructions. The approximate times love4culinary listed for kneading and rising were really, really helpful and what do you know - my bread actually turned out like it is supposed to!! Hurrah! Delicious bread, thanks for posting *and* for providing detailed instructions!

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stormylee September 16, 2003

Good bread! I left out the olives and pimento because I don't like them; other than that I went strickly by the recipe! Very pretty when it's baked. Very elegant. I made it with another one of her recipes: Broccoli & Rice Quiche. Excelent combonation. Thanks for posting

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Kaccy G. April 26, 2003
Ham'n Cheese Picnic Bread