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Wonderful! The pastry of these little cookies is just wonderful. It is so easy to work with and it tastes great. I ended up cutting the recipe in half and it worked perfectly. I used water and I only ended up adding two tablespoons. I made my own poppy seed pie filling as I can't find it in any of the stores around here. I used a round cookie cutter that is about 2 inches across. I ended up with just over 30 cookies. I rolled them out as thin as I could and yet still work with them. I think it worked out to be about an 1/8 of an inch thick. Also, my cooking time was 15 minutes on the dot. Any longer and they would have burned. We are going to try a bunch of different fillings in this dough. Thanks for posting this!

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Saturn October 29, 2006

This turned out good Hamentashen. There are a few of clarifications I would like to share. 1. The amount of water/orange juice should be about 2.5 Tablespoons 2. You can use canned poppy seed filling or any type of jam/jelly, chocolate spread, or pie filling 3. With the oven at 350 degrees it takes about 20 minutes until they are golden brown 4. The dough makes about 2 dozen cookies

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Snow day baker March 06, 2015

Excellent hamentashen recipe. Dough came together fabulously and was easy to work with. I highly recommend this recipe!! Yum!!!!

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sdgolden March 03, 2013

Taste yummy and they turned out nice and sturdy for packing, a real plus of an oil-based dough. However, I'm giving three stars because the directions are incomplete. How much water / orange juice is needed? (Enough to make a "nice dough?" If I knew what that was, I'd probably have a great recipe already!) I used a couple of tablespoons, and that seemed to do the trick. This dough is also exceptionally oily - the oil actually seeped out when I put it in the fridge overnight and made everything slimy. Be prepared to be QUITE liberal with flour so it doesn't stick all over the place. I used prune filling for half and a homemade pareve pumpkin-spice filling for the other half, just for something different. ;-) In future, I'd probably try to cut down the oil, maybe down to 1/3 cup - or less... MADE AGAIN FOR PURIM 2010, and again, it is very oily and hard to work. Again, with more flour on work surfaces and a bit mixed into the surface of the dough, it becomes quite nice & workable. For next time, I'll probably start with an extra quarter- to half-cup of flour.

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Jay3fer February 25, 2010

Nice cookies that are not too sweet. I couldn't find poppy seed filling so made my own. I filled half the cookies with that and the other half with chocolate kisses.

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Dreamer in Ontario March 28, 2008

hi-i am going to try this recipe for purim- just to let you know other fillings for this that will work well ( and are traditional ) are canned prune filling, cherry preserves or apricot preserves. thanks for posting

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petlover February 06, 2008

i used to make hamentashen in hebrew school every purim, and i learned that to make a nice glaze over the hamentashen just paint them before baking with a bit of egg. this just makes them look nicer. not only that, you dont have to stick to poppy seed filling, though this is the most popular, use any jelly or preserve and it will bake the same. also, sprinkling a little powdered sugar over them after cooling is nice too.

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melissa* July 02, 2007

Very nice pastry! I, too, cut the recipe in half, more because I made it along with another Hamentashen recipe I found ~ together I had a great batch of them. I used the orange juice here & followed the recipe exactly [this was a new experience for me], as I've not used this kind of filling before. Very, very nice ~ an enjoyable experience for everyone who's tasted one in my kitchen! Many thanks!

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Sydney Mike February 25, 2007