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I cut the recipe in half and made this for my boys. I used all beef because I didn't have any veal but followed the rest of the recipe as written. My boys enjoyed them as they were different.

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bmcnichol March 29, 2012

These were really tasty! I used all beef instead of veal (just can't bring myself to eat it) and also added some havarti cheese and grilled it all like a patty melt. Delicious. Had a pasta salad as a side and enjoyed very much. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT3

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little_wing July 06, 2007

Hi, liked the idea of putting onion and catsup in the meat patties. I guess we're used to loading up on condiments and cheese with our burgers so felt a little something was missing for our American tastes. We did like the vinegar flavor and onion together. We made our burgers thicker too. Thanks for posting.

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Vicki in CT June 21, 2007

A delicious, flavoursome and moist burger, Blue Rose. Although the recipe was for a sizable number of burgers, it sounded ideal for freezing so I doubled it. So there are lots in the freezer too! I made a few small changes (to cater for personal taste preferences). I can get superb quality ground veal/pork from my butcher’s, so I used that. I used Evelyn's Fried Red Tomatoes Evelyn's Fried Red Tomatoes instead of the catsup which I sometimes find too sharp, and I minced 1 onion and 4 cloves of garlic in my mini processor. And as you suggested, I made these the night before, and stacked them on trays with kitchen paper between the layers. Next evening, I pan-fried 6 (I made mine about two and a half to three inches across), to serve 3 people and stashed the rest away in the freezer, for quite a few future meals! Since I was only serving some of the burgers on the night, I halved the quantities of the red onion and marinade ingredients, which was a great addition! Step 5 says to reserve the marinade, but I was unsure what I was supposed to do with it. I served these burgers with the fabulously-flavoured marinated onions and my recently-posted Maroulosalata (Classic Greek Lettuce Salad) Maroulosalata (Classic Greek Lettuce Salad). Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, Blue Rose. I'll be making it again, once we've eaten what's in the freezer!

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bluemoon downunder November 06, 2005

These unusual hamburgers were very good. I made them in the panini grill, and because they were so thin, they cooked in just a couple of minutes. We put two on each bun with some cheese inbetween, then put some of the tart red onion on top. My daughter and her friend liked them so much, they split a second one. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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PanNan September 18, 2005
Hamburgers, Scandinavian Style