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This is absolutely fantastic! Pasta is not one of my husband's favorite dishes, but he loved this! It's a winner! A 9x13 pan turned out to be too much for us to finish, so I lined a 9x9 pan with foil, slid the rest of the pasta into the pan, placed a layer of foil on top, labeled and dated it. I froze it in the pan. When it was frozen, I removed it from the pan so the pan could be reused. Today (several weeks later) I put the frozen pasta along with the foil back into the pan and baked it at 350 degrees for about 1 hr. 20 min. (I removed the top layer of foil for the last several minutes.) It was fantastic - just as good as the first time.

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Sandy B 44 March 24, 2013

Fixed this last nite for dinner and this was an excellent dish!!!! My wife and 9 yr old daughter are very picky eaters absolutely went nuts for this!! Recipe didn't specify how to do the garlic (chopped, minced, crushed, etc.) so I minced it and added to hamburger. I did send a msg to ksc3245 and she later replied this was how she did the garlic!! Thanks ksc this will be made many times!!!! I also added a few crushed red peppers for a little heat!!

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Niteflyer March 27, 2011
Hamburger Sour Cream Pasta Bake