Hamburger Soup

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Total Time
1hr 20mins
20 mins
1 hr

Really good and warms you up on those cold summer and winter days in Alberta :-)

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  1. Brown hamburger and onion; drain off fat and add vegetables.
  2. Cook 5-10 minutes to soften vegetables.
  3. Add tomato juice and soup mix.
  4. Let simmer 1 hour.Season as desired.
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Good one even for cold nights in Toronto.

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I made this soup and Brenda's "Homemade Bread" today for dinner. Both were great. I used homemade tomato juice and it was too tart for my taste so I added a can of tomato soup plus a can of water. That toned down the tartness, but, now it had too much tomato taste. So I added a can of chicken broth. I also put a big clove of garlic through a garlic press and added that too. That did the trick for me. I simmered it for about two and a half hours because I wanted it thicker. Today was a very cold day and it hit the spot.

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I made this for my husband and it is now a favorite. Perfect comfort food for a cold day. I left out the cabbage and added the following spices parsley, basil, oregano, worcestershire and a couple of bay leafs. Thank you for posting.