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I enjoyed this. I didn't think it was too creamy by any means. Maybe because for the tomato sauce, I used a nice thick marinara sauce I had leftover. I forgot the salt, pepper, and sugar (ahem, distracted), but I didn't miss any of it with the good sauce I used. I upped the onion to 1/2 small yellow onion though. I took the lazy cook approach: added the cream cheese and sour cream to the hamburger tomato sauce, mixing it until the cream cheese smoothed out over low heat; mixed the noodles in off the heat; plopped it all into the baking pan premixed = no dealing with layers. Then I topped it off with the cheddar cheese and baked it. Perfect. Made 6 hearty servings and wonderful leftovers. Thanks for posting!

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Gaia22 November 09, 2010

This is great! The cafeteria at the place I work used to make what was called "Company Casserole". This is it! We really like the "tang" that the sour cream/cream cheese layer provides. I made 2 slight alterations. Whenever I make this type of recipe, we are always dissapointed that they are too dry. I added an extra 8 oz can of tomato sauce and it was perfect. Also added some Italian seasoning. This recipe goes right into the rotation because of its flavor, its ease of preparation, and most people will have all the ingredients on hand.

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cgmonster September 10, 2011

Made this twice. EVERYONE loved it! They all commented on its subtle sweetness BEFORE I told them about the cream cheese.

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Shaun McGee December 01, 2003

A nice basic recipe that is easy to adjust to your families tastes. I had a pound of ground round that I used, added extra garlic, and only used 1/2 teaspoon of salt. The tomato sauce didnt have as much flavor in this dish so next time I would use spaghetti sauce. The cream cheese mixture didnt want to spread easily for me so I added the noodles to the meat and then gently stirred in the cream cheese mixture. Covered and let simmer on the stove until bubbling and heated thru. Served with garlic bread and steamed vegetables. Made and reviewed for MizzNezz's Cookathon.

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lauralie41 October 29, 2012

While making this I was worried it wouldn't have any flavor, but I was wrong: we really liked it! It reminds me of something my mom used to make in the 70's. I skipped the salt, pepper and sugar and just used a tsp. or so of Montreal Hamburger seasoning. Also, I didn't have any American cream cheese, so I used Mascarpone. I'm looking forward to the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

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JolieCat July 21, 2012

My family really enjoyed this!!!! I did add it. seasoning to the beef mixture and combine the sour cream and cream cheese with the meat and put a little cheese between each layer. A very nice dish will make again thanks for sharing!

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shortyluvstocook27 October 04, 2010

This is a really easy, really tasty recipe, great for a quick family meal. Based on some other recommendations, I used a little more than half the sour cream and added about 2 tsp Italian seasoning and 1 generous tsp Parsley. My family loved it, thanks for sharing!

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Mmmama September 14, 2010

My wife loves this and kids love this recipe. I cut the sour cream down a bit, and substitue some mozzerella cheese. Thanks for the recipe!

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Gas Man July 01, 2010

Another 5 star review for MizzNezz! The best part of this recipe was that the cheese did not overwhelm the dish. We used low fat sour cream with regular cream cheese. It turned out a very tasty and creamy product. Even though I did not add salt, I did not miss it in the recipe. The garlic was just the right amount, and it sent a wonderful aroma throughout the entire house. I used the minced garlic in the jar to save time. It's a great alternative to lasagna, it goes together quick, and your family will swear that you spent hours in the kitchen! Thank you Nezz! We loved it!

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*~Suzy~* December 04, 2003

Easy and delicious, comfort food at its best. I was generous with the onion, added some herbs, used a small shell pasta to cup the delicious sauces, yum, one of those dishes where you can make a lot because the leftovers are even better!! I added a small amount of zucchini cooked in spicy tomato sauce that I had in the fridge, added a touch of pizzazz :) Thank you, loved this!!!

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Karen Elizabeth October 01, 2012
Hamburger Noodle Bake