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Because of previous reviews, I only made a quarter of this recipe using 2bleu's 2 Minute 2 Easy Pizza Sauce for the sauce/seasonings. This recipe is similar to Slumgullion which uses ketchup for the tomato sauce and pasta for the potatoes. I like the layering of this dish and it baked up nice in our mini springform pan. We loved the one-dish simplicity of this recipe as well. The recipe is good, but we agree with another reviewer that more sauce is needed. It also needs a healthy dose of salt/pepper to the potatoes, and maybe frying them first like homefries. Overall, we liked this dish.

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2Bleu October 09, 2008

This was an easy meal to put together, but lacked a lot of taste. Could use more tomato sauce and more seasonings. My DH said it was okay, nothing to get excited about. It has potential though.

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WI Cheesehead November 01, 2007

I was not too wild about this dish, but my husband and older children like it.

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Southern Georgia Peach July 01, 2007

I could not eat my portion. My son ate his but he asked me not to make it again. My daughter said she liked it but she didn't want any of the leftovers. My wife tried it and didn't like it. She mentioned that she doesn't think tomatoe sauce generally goes well with potatoes.

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ds123jam February 04, 2012

This was so easy to throw together! I made it even easier by using frozen O'Brien potatoes(whihc have diced onions and green peppers) in replacement for the diced potatoes (who has time to peel and dice potatoes!). Based on the reviews from others, I also added salt, pepper and a little garlic powder to each layer. Because I used frozen potatoes and corn, I baked it in a covered casserole dish for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I didn't get any complaints from my picky family, so I WILL be making this again!

P.S The only reason I didn't rate this 5 stars is because I made changes to the recipe based on previous reviewers comments.

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landlocked #2 September 25, 2011

We liked this simple dish that was good on a cold day. My can of tomato sauce was 15 ounces and my potatoes were small -- but all in all very good. Next time I may add more veggies (maybe some carrots and/or peas). I consider this comfort food and would be wonderful with hot biscuits, but also great just the way it is. This is also great as an emergency meal, as I always have all the ingredients. Thanks for sharing this keeper which we will have again soon.

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ellie_ November 14, 2010
Hamburger Bake